History of the Company

Abbeville Instrument Control Ltd originally started in 1969 by Mr Ged Doggett. To design and build instrumentation and control systems for the power industry. Once established, it expanded to carry out R & D work in conjunction with the gas industry during the gas conversion period from town gas to natural gas. During this time, the company diversified to the point of carrying out total installation projects, which included designing and developing the actual gas burners and control systems involved with that.

During the early 80’s the company started to develop various types of natural gas fired furnaces, one of which was the development of the glass melting furnace, which was one of the most energy efficient of that period, Many were sold throughout the world.

In the 90’s the company moved into the commercial market, carrying out work in food processing plants and metal smelting foundries. During this time AIC utilised the new digital temperature monitoring, and new burner techniques, including recuperation, regenerative, oxygen enrichment systems.

Ged who worked in the Derby based company for nearly 35 years and retired in 2002, he is now living in Portugal. AIC is now run by Mr Mick Doggett.
Mick has a long history of working within the engineering industry and it has given him a chance to travel to some very interesting and far out places around the world.
Mick studied for 4 years at Wolverhampton University where he gained a BA hons in Mechanical Engineering. He had also previously earned National Diploma’s in Electrical & Electronic Engineering at Derby college.